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Dr Leandra Brady-Walker in a beam of light, surrounded by plants

Lumos Energy Body by Dr Leandra Brady-Walker (recovering) Chiropractor


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to go anywhere. 

You don’t need to quantum leap into another reality or hack your system. 

You don’t lack anything. You are exactly where you need to be. 

But, the question is, do you have access to it all?

The Science of Energy Only Chiropractic

Can you access all that divine power?

In your dark moments, can your faith be stronger than your fear?


When things are not going your way, do you have the spiritual fortitude to stay the course? Or…do you flip flop? Ricocheting from totally zenned out to hot mess, frozen and disconnected one minute then gushing and people pleasing the next?


You don’t need a guru, a crystal, or tarot deck to tell you what to do next. 

You have all that you need, right there, in and around you. 

So what is stopping you from accessing it?


 Knots of fear in your Energy Body.

You can feel them now can’t you?


The niggling headache, the tightness in your neck and shoulders, the shortness of breath, hot stinging tears just behind your eyes, that feeling of unease in your belly that you can’t quite put your finger on…nothing is “wrong” but it doesn't feel “right” either. 

You feel disconnected and not at ease. 

I know, because not only have I been there, but so have thousands of my clients.


Meet Dr Leandra Brady-Walker

As a chiropractor for 15 years, I treated so many women who just didn’t feel themselves. Doing all the “right things” eating well, exercising, and yet…they felt disconnected.

But disconnected from what…? They couldn’t tell me and I didn’t know, so I started to try and figure it out (I’m a researcher at heart, I co-authored 2 papers at uni but gave it up for private practice).


More about Dr Leandra

LIGHT UP your Energy Body.

Access each layer of your Energy Body, releasing knots, leaving you feeling relaxed, connected and focused. 

Turn the power ON. 

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In Chiropractic school we always talked about health being physical, chemical and emotional. And the first 2, everyone has down pat these days. No one needs me to tell them to eat less crap and walk around the block. But the emotional… other than “sit quietly in a dark room for 5 minutes everyday” I really had no other advice.


On a whim, I took a course in Network Spinal. I was absolutely blown away to discover that we are actually energetic beings! This was the missing piece. After one weekend seminar, I changed my entire chiropractic practice from physical based, to energy based. And for 5 years, I practiced this way, until one day, I burnt out. 

It took me years to realise why.

Even with all my energy work, and new found spirituality, I still had not accepted myself as a full being. Separating myself from the field, the universe, from god, I was still reaching outside for something else to complete me. 


I had not embraced my “anthropos”, my full humanity, my full divinity. 


You see, most of us still believe that something else outside of us has that magic thing that will save us. We believe we must purge ourselves of our vices and quirks to be some pure “spirit” and that when we can live in this perfect zen-like state, no flaws or pain or vulnerabilities, then and only then can we be happy and free. 


It is a lie. 


I started studying with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and found the piece that I was missing.

Instead of seeing these human parts of us, the headache, the tightness, the shortness of breath, the hot stinging tears, the feelings of unease and FEAR, instead of seeing these as the PROBLEM, I began to see them as the solution. 

Like that story, we’re going on a bear hunt, we can't go around or over these things, we must go through them. 

I started to see that anything present in the body, the physical body that makes up a very small 10% of us, was actually a symptom of something that started in the part that makes up 90% of us, what we call the subtle anatomy or the subconscious mind or the ENERGY BODY. 

So that’s where I decided to focus. 

Because it seemed silly to spend all of my time trying to change the smallest, most dense and stubborn parts of us,
the physical body, when I could get much better results by focusing on the biggest and most malleable part, the Energy Body. 

And while developing this work (once a researcher, always a researcher), I’ve begun to notice how different we all are, but how much the same too. Like every person I work with comes with different problems:

“I want to grow a heart centred business”,
“I can’t have an uncomfortable conversation without crying”,
“I want to lose weight, love my body, get out of pain”,
“I am so angry all the time”,

but every one of them has forgotten one thing. 

Babe, you’ve got this.
My job is to remind you of this.
You. Have. Got. This.
You have got it all.

You have everything you need, it’s all around you, sitting in your Energy Body.

It’s just blocked by fear, and stories, and trauma and the memory of that woman who stood in front of you at the supermarket so you couldn't get to the canned tomatoes and so you were late to pick up your kids and you got rained on and the dog tracked mud all through the house after the cleaner had been and now you have to mop again. (An oddly specific example, but you get my drift of how we can fuck ourselves up right?)


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Embracing all parts of you,

finding yourself through the knots.

Two Ways to:

Work with me

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We wreak chaos in our lives as a way of avoiding ourselves. This is for you if you ready to meet yourself at the deepest level.

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Honestly, you don’t need me.

Because I’m giving you nothing. You’ve already got it all. Yes, even the things that shit you (like the headaches and the tightness) are things that you’ve got, because you need them…for now. 

So why work with me?

That’s a question only you can answer. 

Have I embraced myself fully yet? Probably not. I have the word ANTHROPOS (meaning fully human, fully divine) tattooed on me, as a reminder that THAT is where I am going. And that being a human means fucking up (which I do regularly) and embracing it (which I do less regularly). I work intuitively, which means every session is different, but my work is rooted in several years of University Education and science as well as currently studying a postgraduate in Spiritual Directorship, (so I know my shit but I also know I can be a shit).

I can only tell you the reasons why you wouldn’t want to work with me. Don’t come work with me if:

  • You don’t like swearing 
  • You are committed to this current version of yourself
  • You need help with a medical issue or a diagnosis
  • You are looking for a perfect guru 
  • You won’t do your homework
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Think we might be good fit?
Get to know me better by signing up to my newsletter, following me on Instagram, TikTok or InsightTimer or book a FREE 15min discovery call.